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Cheaper to Fly or Drive? KAYAK NEW Trip Calculator Finds Your Answer

With fuel prices at an all-time high and demand for summer travel up 374 per cent*, many B.C.-residents are wondering the best way to get to their 2022 summer concerts, events, vacations and cottage escapes.

KAYAK’s new Trip Calculator helps answer the age-old question of taking to the skies or hitting the road by calculating the prices and savings of each. 

Whether you’re flying to optimize time in the destination, or driving to enjoy the views along the way, there’s no wrong answer when it comes to travel. But there are ways to make your trip a little more affordable.

Summer Travel Snapshot*


  • Overall, summer flight prices are up 31%
  • Domestic flight searches are up 210% and prices are up 27%
  • International flight searches are up 456% and prices are up 17%


  • Overall, rental car prices are up 65%
  • Domestic rental car demand is up 175% and prices are up 111%
  • International rental car demand is up 95% and prices are up 17%

How the Trip Calculator Works

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