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Victoria Cruises Line Unique But Affordable Residential Life

Starting this fall, travel enthusiasts can visit the destinations of their dreams for as little as $79 a day aboard Victoria Cruises Line’s luxurious ocean liner, the Victoria Majestic.

Seeing the world has never been more accessible with Victoria Cruises Line offering a unique but affordable lifestyle at sea opportunity featuring a long-term, live-aboard residential cruise experience.

Victoria Cruises Line Unique But Affordable Residential Life

Victoria Cruises Line will visit more than 200 exciting destinations when the Victoria Majestic Ocean liner, operating as an elegant and exclusive houseboat, launches in September from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

With its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus, Victoria Cruises Line offers travelers an intriguing adults-only (18 years or over) adventure to rent luxury suites and premium staterooms for a minimum of six months, or long-term for an unlimited maximum period. 

Rental costs depend on the length of stay. For instance, if you rent for 37 months or longer (indefinitely), the company’s price for an inside cabin is $79 per person per day.

This includes three quality meals, not only in the buffet restaurant but also in the ship’s main Paris restaurant, free room service, free drinks, fruit, and sweet and savory pastries available all day. So, if you don’t want to splurge on premium drinks and theme restaurant meals, travelers can live comfortably for $79 a day.

Zvinelis added that so far 50% of the ship’s staterooms and suites have already been reserved by clients and the majority have chosen the unlimited, undefined rental period.

Victoria Cruises Line’s around-the-world trip will take approximately 27 months with about 540 days spent at ports. The boats will spend an average of 1-7 days in each port.

In addition to their forward-thinking rental concept, another innovation setting apart Victoria Cruises Line is the ship’s inside cabin view for its interior cabin occupants. The ship’s inside cabins feature an LCD monitor enabling passengers to view images from the ship’s exterior cameras.

Other intriguing features Victoria Cruises Line is planning include continuous live coverage of the ship’s journey via onboard cameras. 

Victoria Cruises Line also has ambitious plans to launch a reality TV show where a film crew will explore the lives of some of Victoria Majestic’s passengers.

If Victoria Cruises Line’s first boat is a success, they will look to expand their fleet while keeping the focus on maintaining a high quality of service.

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