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Fleurs de Villes FEMMES: Show Dates 2022

Fleurs de Villes Inc. officially announces the global launch of Fleurs de Villes FEMMES, a fresh floral series celebrating remarkable women around the world.

Fleurs de Villes FEMMES: Show Dates 2022

Canada’s leading and globally renowned cultivator of bespoke floral events makes this announcement on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2022, during Women’s History Month.

Fleurs de Villes FEMMES: Show Dates 2022

With a unique roster of women in each city, FEMMES will travel to 13 cities in five countries spanning four continents—a truly global celebration of womankind. It will partner with local floral talent (“Fleuristes”) who will create these floral tributes based on an inspirational photograph or painting of each woman.

Fleurs de Villes FEMMES: Show Dates 2022

Upcoming show dates are as follows:

  • Vancouver, Downtown, June 3-12, 2022
  • Edinburgh, St. James Quarter, June 24-July 3, 2022
  • Sydney, The Royal Botanic Garden, August 19-28, 2022
  • New York, Hudson Yards, October 2022
  • Scottsdale, The Palmeraie Shops, January 2023
Fleurs de Villes FEMMES: Show Dates 2022

Other 2022 show destinations include Melbourne, Cape Town and Johannesburg. The inaugural FEMMES floral series dedicated to culturally, politically, and historically significant women throughout the ages is now open to the public at Bal Harbour Shops, Miami, through March14, 2022. Fresh floral installations include tributes to such female luminaries as Joan Didion, Frida Kahlo, Billie Jean King, and Celia Cruz. A complete list of FEMMES can be found here.

Be it the female founder of the art of Kabuki, Izumo no Okoni, a ground-breaking monarch such as Queen Anne, or a trailblazing Canadian artist such as Emily Carr, audiences of all ages, cultures and genders will be able to learn more about these fascinating women through interactive displays. Images and QR codes on the floral sculptures will link to immersive profiles of each woman highlighting their cultural and historical significance.

Other activations at FEMMES include free, self-guided floral trails through city shopping districts and shopping centres, “Jardin” areas that will host floral workshops and talks, special Fleurs de Villes menus, cocktails and culinary events such as high teas in collaboration with local hotels and retailers, fresh flower markets, flower-bombed cars, floral swings and benches, and special appearances by significant women.

Fleurs de Villes has always championed women from all walks of life, and has built an all-female team to execute its vision of a global luxury brand around flowers. They are thrilled to raise a bouquet to this newest initiative, FEMMES.

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