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Marpole Retreats: Weekend of Holistic Health & Wellness 2022

Marpole Retreats is offering a special weekend of holistic health and wellness, Aug. 26-28, 2022 at Loon Lake Lodge, located just an hour out of Vancouver.

Marpole Retreats

Marpole Retreats is unique in its focus on three pillars of wellness: relaxation, personal development and purpose-driven activities.

Unlike typical yoga or fitness retreats, with Marpole Retreats guests get an all-inclusive offering of workshops, yoga, fitness, art and cultural experiences.

The weekend retreat starts at CD $945/person for a shared room and $1225/person for a private room.

Marpole was created to provide the next generation of retreat vacations with lasting, positive effects on mind and body. The retreats focus on three key pillars; relaxation, activities and personal development to give guests the space to recharge and the tools to realize their dreams. In 2023, Marpole plans to open its first Marpole retreat property in Canada.

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