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Tanya Bub Driftwood Front-Yard Art Gallery in Victoria

On my recent trip to Victoria, I came across a series of interesting characters along Fairfield Road right by the Moss Street Market.

It turns out to be a front-yard art gallery of eye-catching driftwood sculptures created by artist Tanya Bub.

You’ll find a number of interesting characters including a mountain lion, house cat, birds, and some mythological interpretations.

The sculptures are located along her front-yard and are free for everyone to admire.

The sculptures are made of local driftwood sourced from beaches and connected with wood glue and finished with marine varnish.

It was lovely to be able to admire such interesting and creative art in an outdoor space. Many passersby also stopped to admire Tanya’s work.

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Tanya’s art work is for sale but she also does commission work. You can find out more

Tanya Bub
1337 Fairfield Rd, Victoria, BC